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Welcome to AppWarp S2 Downloads

Download Server

This download contains the server side libraries required for AppWarp S2. It contains a set of JAR files that you must add to the class path of your server-side Java application. It also contains samples for setting up the project in popular IDEs (Eclipse and Netbeans) so you can quickly import and understand the structure.
Download Server Side SDk

Download client Side SDKs

Download the client-side SDK of the platform that you are targeting your game client for. The SDK facilitates connection to the server side application and provides high level APIs to join/leave rooms, matchmaking and to exchange messages with the server.
  • Download Android SDK
  • Download iOS SDK
  • Download Windows SDK
  • Download HTML5 SDK
  • Download Flash SDK
  • Download Unity3d SDK
  • Download Marmalade SDK
  • Download Corona SDK
  • Download Cocos2dx SDK

Download Admin Dashboard

The admin dashboard is a simple HTML5 application that you can use to monitor your AppWarp S2 server application. It allows you to create application zones and rooms on the server. It works by establishing a websocket connection to your running AppWarp S2 server application. It can be hosted on any web server like Apache, Mongoose etc. Mongoose server exe is also provided as part of the download. You can use either the dashboard hosted on our site or download it if you want to host that yourself.

You'll need to use the same username and password in the dashboard as specified in the AppConfig.json file in the server application. Default password is already set.

Download Admin Dashboard

Download Samples

We provide different samples that help you get started with easily and illustrate how several scenarios are solved end-to-end. Each sample includes the server side application code (along with the custom adaptors and interface usage) as well as the client-side applications built on top of the client-side SDK.

Chat Server

download chat server sample

Space warfare

download space warfare sample


download rummy card sample

Unity 3d person

Download Unity3d 3rd Person Demo

MMO Interest Management

MMO Interest Management

Quizup like Trivia Game

Quizup like trivia game

AppWarp S2 Master Server Chat Demo

AppWarp S2 Master Server Chat Demo